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The Hog4 Lighting Rig Is Recommended By CityChurch Pastor

Lighting consoles are the stuff of dreams when you’re a church lighting director. For Jeremiah Trombley from San Antonio’s CityChurch, he has found a solution in the Hog4 Lighting Rig.

Tyndale Filament Bible [Review]

Tyndale offers several editions of the Filament Bible that pair with Filament, an app filled with study tools, devotionals, videos, and interactive content.

Breeze Church Management Software [Review]

To help church leaders compare options, we’re adding to our series of ChMS reviews. In this review, we take a look at Breeze Church Management Software.

Logos 9 Bible Software [Review]

Faithlife updated their popular Bible study software with a major new release, Logos 9. In addition, Faithlife bought Wordsearch from Lifeway Christian Resources, surprising...

Proclaim 3.0 Worship Software [Review]

Now that COVID-19 has dramatically limited in-person meetings for some churches and eliminated them altogether for others, live streaming has become the norm, even in more traditional denominations. Worship software, which used to display merely lyrics and scripture to people attending in-person on a screen, is now the backbone of the online or video church service.

Touchpoint ChMS [Review]

TouchPoint launched in 2008 at Bellevue Baptist Church. Unhappy with the system they were using, they decided to build their own using developers on staff. Over time, other church leaders heard about their software and became interested in it. In 2015, they rebranded as TouchPoint and looked for a buyer to take on this business that the church never intended to start in the first place. The church wanted a company to purchase the software that would serve churches well. In 2017, The Pursuant Group bought TouchPoint Software. Since then, TouchPoint’s user base has tripled in size.

ShelbyNext Church Management Software [Review]

With a multitude of church management software options available, we know it's challenging to evaluate each one. Here's an overview of ShelbyNext Membership to help in your ChMS search.

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